raccoon attempt #2

I wanted to try the larger puzzle size. Although it did cost my sanity, I was able to do just that and with a bit of luck I managed to create a 40x40 puzzle. I struggle with solving larger puzzles but the website says it is logical so I really hope it is as I really don't have a way to test it if I can't solve it.
Also sorry for all the black, I know it isn't everyone's favorite thing but some parts were really hard to make some parts logical.

Thoughts on the new changes:
As for the new changes, I do like most of them. It is nice to be able to work on multiple puzzles at once as it allows me to work on puzzles ahead of time for when I need a break or two. While I haven't tried it myself, I think it is helpful to be able to follow creators you love and the zoom in feature makes it so I can see the lines better. I did notice a few glitches when creating this puzzle (like the site logging me off without saving my work because creating a puzzle is "not being active") but I think it happens. While I never had a problem with the old layout, I think the new one will do alright as well.

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