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"You'll see, you won't believe it.
- Listen, you've been talking to me about it for six months; I know everything about this castle as if I'd built it.
- When you're there, you'll understand my feelings better. It's an enchanting place. When I discovered it last year, I swore I'd buy it. It's lucky that the owner was in debt. I was able to realise one of my dearest dreams.
- The guy was surprising. He exuded an extraordinary magnetism, he was a class act and he didn't seem to be deprived. What's more, in the auction room, he seemed satisfied with the final price: you've undeniably made a fantastic deal. I wonder if this isn't hiding something.
- You see evil everywhere. This guy had money problems, he was happy to get out of them, that's all.
- All the same, it's strange. If you're telling the truth, this castle is exceptional; you don't give away something exceptional for cheap.
- I'm telling the truth and you'll see, but there's no trickery involved.

Difficulty ***

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