The leaf and the mushroom

We talk about autumn as a fallen season
Which colds even the sun and makes us stay at home
But autumn is an ode to the good beholder
And how the nature loves becoming a teller

Once a beautiful leaf perched atop an oak three
Had spent her whole year dominating the earth
But dazzled by the heights, then she becomes haugthy
And a profound conceit is obscuring her heart

She saw leave the flowers, she saw all the fruits fall
She saw die her sisters, now only she remain
Hard held onto her bough, she feels like eternal
Ready to face the snow and the winds and the rain

One day a modest growth at the roots of the tree
Lets appearing his face to admire the scene
His voice is so soft, his spirit is a dream
To the level of grass he thinks he is paltry

This small mushroom is shy but he finds that she glows
By his doubts undeterred, he offers her a trip
A gentle butterfly takes the mail as a ship
And carries the three words to the queen of the crowns

The leaf feels her heart skimmed, and begins to redden
His fears are pacified by her strong certainty
She wants beside him to have good company
Putting ego aside, consents to surrender

And her endlessly plunge looks like a divine grace
Where each second, as a smooth waltz, in slow cadence
Seemed to an end, starts goes and halts with impatience
When the leaf to fungus gives a tender embrace.

Inspired by the art-deblock november-challenge of Pépipin, a french streamer on Twitch (

Note: I took the liberty of using feminine for the leaf and masculine for the mushroom (as in French) to avoid the confusion.
Note2: I don't know if I can use a poetic license by writing "She saw leave the flowers" to say "She saw the flowers leave". What do you think about that?

Difficulty : *****

Tested, logical.
Don't require any specific method. C14 can be a precious key.
Good blackenage.

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