About Hanjie Star


The site Hanjie Star allows you to play for free to puzzle game called hanjie (also known as picross or nonogram ).
Hanjie Star also gives ou the possibility to create your own puzzles and share them with all the other players.


Playing Hanjie Star is only an entertainment, thus there is no reward to win.
The best players will have the other players' high regard!
There are two types of ranking: one for the "players" and one for the "authors". Those aim at helping the players who are registered to follow their progress.


Please note that any picross puzzle solved by cheating will be canceled.
If a player keeps on cheating in any way, his account will be suspended without notice.


The technology used are: Apache 2 serveur, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Jquery, HTML 4, CSS 2.
Please activate javascript module and accept cookies to enjoy fully this site.